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Visitor Lockers

Convenient Storage and Access for Visitors

First impressions are important in everything, especially business. When people come to your work environment, show that you care by making smart lockers available to your visitors. Offering convenient access to visitor lockers makes a great impression and can save your building managers some time and effort too.

Clients, job candidates, contractors and others regularly visit your place of work. Gain more insight into who is onsite and for how long with the convenience of smart lockers and dashboard analytics of locker usage.

How to use your visitor lockers

  • Easily configure existing lockers for visitors, flexibly allocating access to accommodate changing trends
  • Make lockers available on demand and accessible for online reservations in advance too
  • Simplify storage of personal effects by enabling self-service QR code, mobile app or RFID access
  • View usage information in online analytics platform to determine where or when more visitor lockers are needed

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Visitor locker advantages

Make your visitors instantly feel more comfortable in your environment by providing lockers available to their dynamic needs. Other benefits of lockers for visitor management include:

  • Improve comfort and security in your environment with smart lockers for visitor management
  • Show your visitors you care about them by providing smart lockers to secure their personal belongings
  • Keep your work environment clutter free by giving visitors a convenient place to safely stow their stuff
  • Streamline locker turnover with the data you need for usage-based cleaning to save time and money
  • Protect your workplace from unauthorized visitors with locker bank readers integrated into your visitor management system
Easily configure existing lockers to meet the dynamic needs of your visitors. Whether it’s clients, job candidates, or contractors, provide flexible access by adjusting locker allocations to accommodate changing trends.


Make lockers available on demand or allow online reservations in advance. Simplify storage for your guests with self-service options, including QR code, mobile app, or RIFD access.
Utilize our online analytics platform to gain insights into visitor locker usage. Understand where and when more visitor lockers are needed, empowering you to optimize locker allocations and create a clutter-free, secure environment.

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