Create an education storage solution that will maximize your learning environment.

If you had to fill in this analogy blank, “Question: Answer: Education Storage: ______” you’d probably know to go with A.) solution. Especially if the other choices were B). bicycle, C.) Monsoon, D.) dessert! But not every problem is as simple to solve when it comes to organizing your educational environment to enable learning and support educator and administrator efficiency.  

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go back to school to learn how to maximize your budget and your space. Patterson Pope has adaptable education storage solutions you need to keep things easy and efficient. Our experts always do their homework to provide you with the best storage system, drawing on high quality casework and cabinetry, lockers, high- density mobile storage, mobile art racks or media storage options. 

Our education storage systems aren’t just for the classroom either. We have solutions to suit athletics and administration, labs and libraries, galleries and performing arts, building services and campus police too.  

Solve your space and storage problems working with experts who get to know you and your needs before moving on to planning and design. After all, students learning to spell in first grade, the high school baseball team, and that Archeology 101 survey course each have different requirements than the faculty exploring string theory with graduate physicists. So, whether you are building, renovating, or making the most of your existing space, we can help you create an education storage solution to support your learning environment. 

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Today’s campuses are changing faster than ever before. Watch the video to see how much we’ve learned about making educational storage beautiful and functional.

Smart storage can help make universities smarter.

Being in college means being on the go, and it also means carrying around everything you'll need for the day. Strategically placed smart lockers help ease that burden and earn the name BSOC (Best Storage on Campus).

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Sometimes, we dream of a paperless office. But when we wake up, we have to admit that there’s no stopping the flood of incoming mail, files, records and office supplies. We can help you create the safe, secure, organized, auditable and often high-density storage that is essential to educational institutions.