It’s hard to learn in the middle of chaos. So whether you are building, renovating, or just have to make most of the space you have, we can help you create an education storage solution that will maximize your learning environment.

While education programming has greatly expanded over the years, many of the spaces that house these programs have remained the same. Limited space to store books, research materials, athletic team equipment, school records, and more creates disorganization, inefficiency, and an environment that limits learning and growth. Whether you’re building new, renovating, or just need to make the best of a limited storage space, we’ll help design an education storage solution to enhance your learning environment.
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Today’s campuses are changing faster than ever before. Watch the video to see how much we’ve learned about making educational storage beautiful and functional.

Smart storage can help make universities smarter.

Being in college means being on the go, and it also means carrying around everything you'll need for the day. Strategically placed smart lockers help ease that burden and earn the name BSOC (Best Storage on Campus).

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Sometimes, we dream of a paperless office. But when we wake up, we have to admit that there’s no stopping the flood of incoming mail, files, records and office supplies. We can help you create the safe, secure, organized, auditable and often high-density storage that is essential to educational institutions.