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Enjoy easy access to full pallet positions and reduce dead space up to 20% with the ergonomic advantages of roll out racks.

Your business wants to lower costs and increase efficiency while improving inventory transparency. Eliminating wasted space and avoiding employee injuries are also priorities. The right roll out rack storage solution can help you facilitate inventory gathering and management while offering ergonomic advantages and space savings.

Level up your conventional storage with smooth roll out racking providing employees easy access to full pallet positions. With overexertion the second leading cause of nonfatal injury or illness event (according to the National Security Council) you’ll see a lot of value from the simple addition of roll out racks to your warehouse operations or distribution center.

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Everything you need to know about Roll Out Rack Systems!


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Enhance safety and optimize the use of your space while also enjoying increased efficiency with roll out rack storage. Easily install roll out racks into your existing storage systems to bring inventory to you instead of having employees crawl or reach.

Advantages of smooth, ergonomic roll out racks include:

  • Easy access to three pick faces when racks are fully extended
  • Enjoy the robust resilience of thick steel and heavy duty rollers built to withstand the harshest environments
  • Reduce aisle space and increase room for stock with roll-out systems designed for your inventory and materials handling needs
  • Floor-mounted racks roll out on tracks installed on the floor to ensure that your racks stay in their proper place
  • Count on rack stability with the standard brake system securely holding roll out pallets in place during lift loading


How to make a great product even better!

Roll out pallet racking offers ergonomic and convenient access to the full surface of pallet positions. Bringing your inventory to you with a smooth roll out feature can improve inventory gathering and SKU management. Customize your roll out racking to your unique needs:

  • Prevent injuries by designing your system to reduce leaning and bending
  • Easy installation with existing racking (less than 10 minutes)
  • Adaptable to any type of structural and roll-formed racking
  • Lower first level of beams to enjoy added space
  • Secure storage and cut injuries with closed position locking system
  • Modify the number of cross members to accommodate your specific applications
  • Options include, removable top plate, full plate option, back and side lips
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