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IT Tech Lockers for Business Productivity

Technology is the lifeblood of today’s business environment. Keep your tech team working on mission-critical tasks to support your business productivity by setting up IT tech lockers. Technology lockers can save your IT experts from wasting time on asset management.

Smart lockers can play a critical role in end-to-end asset access tracking. Provision your remote workers with IT assets, manage exchange of IT spare parts and set up convenient management of device support with lockers that offer secure, always available access—that’s also auditable.

How to use your technology lockers

  • Staff can pick up new IT assets or drop off defective equipment for repairs by simply scanning business ID cards, QR Codes or using a PIN to access the tech locker
  • IT team can manage IT asset requests, repairs, returns and deployment of tech by filling lockers for convenient access whenever needed
  • Track the entire exchange process with a Snow software integration for added visibility

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Tech locker advantages

Setting aside some of your smart lockers for the IT team can simplify tech drop-off, collection and repairs. Now your team members don’t have to track down each individual’s device. The individual simply puts it in the allocated locker for collection, or vice versa. Other benefits of asset management lockers include:

  • Securely distribute and exchange business IT assets while gaining traceability and accountability
  • Establish IT collection lockers, giving people options of Mac or Windows devices, to streamline asset exchange
  • Free up IT employees to actually do their jobs instead of sitting at a desk at all hours waiting for someone to come collect a printer cord or drop off a glitching tablet
  • Reduce the risk of lost or misplaced items with real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Extend IT lifecycle with temperature-controlled tech lockers providing a consistent, secure storage environment
  • Optimize your work environment for the unpredictability of workforce flow with flexible tech lockers available whenever needed
Simplify your IT team’s workload with dedicated tech lockers. Enable staff to pick up new assets or defective equipment effortlessly by scanning business ID cards, QR codes, or using a PIN.
IT Tech Lockers


Boost IT efficiency by managing requests, repairs, and deployments through tech lockers. They’re always accessible, and with Snow software integration, you can track the entire exchange process for better visibility.
No more chasing down devices. Allocate specific lockers for your IT team to manage drop-off, collections, and repairs seamlessly. Staff simply places them in the locker for collection.

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