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Smart Parcel Lockers Enhancing Flexible Spaces

The modern work environment needs dynamism. If you want people to be onsite, you need to meet their high expectations for a workplace that suits their needs, at any time. Offer agility that supports flexible work practices with the addition of parcel lockers.

Making smart parcel lockers available can demonstrate how much you value your people. Provide effective, tailored storage to show you care about employee convenience and appreciate the time they spend on your premises. Offering peace of mind about the safety of deliveries can boost productivity too. Plus, you’re cutting the workload on your facility and workplace managers by providing self-service automated parcel lockers.

How to use your parcel lockers

  • Offer lockers to accept packages and mail deliveries at any time of the day, providing peace of mind while keeping your lobby area looking professional and organized.
  • Simplify the exchange of files, documents, records or even checks with smart lockers that provide added visibility and accountability along with essential security.
  • Provide a convenient place to collect food deliveries, grocery orders, or dry-cleaning drop-offs with the recipient getting an immediate notification once their items are delivered to the available smart parcel locker.

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Smart parcel locker advantages

Make your space more flexible and dynamic with locker technology that streamlines secure parcel, file, record and food delivery. The benefits of banking on parcel lockers include:

  • Ensure security of packages or files, whether people work at the same time or not
  • Streamline access to free up facility and workplace managers for other responsibilities
  • Offer visibility into document or file exchange with smart lockers providing an audit trail
  • Provide a safe place for package or food delivery regardless of where employees work—simply deliver goods to the nearest automated parcel locker
  • Save time spent signing for packages or standing at the front waiting for a delivery—smart lockers instantly notify individuals via text or email and provide them with a unique code to collect their delivery
  • Expand access by facilitating 24/7/365 secure delivery and collection without having to staff the business lobby
  • Cut liability with smart package lockers taking care of receiving, logging, tracking, and distributing packages quickly and effectively
Stay in the know about document or file exchanges. Our smart lockers keep a detailed audit trail, ensuring you have a clear record of all interactions and movements. It’s all about enhancing accountability and security.


Save valuable time usually spent signing on packages or waiting for a delivery. Our smart lockers take care of it all, sending instant notifications by text or email. Recipients get a unique code, making it quick and easy to grab their delivery.
Broaden access by enabling secure delivery and collection 24/7/365 without the need for staff in the business lobby. It’s convenient, secure, and efficient for all your deliveries and pick-ups.

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