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Tackle your oversized storage needs. Cantilever racks can lower handle times and costs with improved access — indoors or outdoors.

Designed without a front column for easy forklift access, cantilever racks are custom-built to suit your oversized needs. Durable racks provide wide open access to big, bulky product and are easily adjusted to accommodate the different dimensions of your various loads.

Cantilever racks offer reliable, reconfigurable storage for furniture, appliances, lumber, steel bars, sheet steel, tubing, doors, conduits, rolls, pipes and much more. If you’ve been in a shipyard, you’ve probably even seen cantilever racks holding boats!

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Cantilever Racking Systems
Everything you need to know about Cantilever Racking Systems!


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Forklift-friendly cantilever racking systems have vertical supports on the back column only. Durable rack “arms” or braces extend out from these rugged columns to store a wide variety of long, bulky or awkward loads.

Take advantage of heavy duty storage suited to your heavy items. Build up to take advantage of vertical space. Or save on horizontal space with an I-beam design that features racks on both sides of the structurally sound back column.

Want to see the benefits of single-sided or double-sided cantilever racks? Our storage experts can help you select the system that best suits your space and storage needs. Contact us!



Choose from a wide selection of custom cantilever racks to handle your heavy-duty storage needs.

  • Wide-ranging load capacities
  • Standard or earthquake-resistant applications
  • Adjustable 2-inch vertical arm spacing
  • Mount on mobile bases to increase capacity
  • Combine cantilever kits to custom build a solution that suits your space
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Design Resources

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