From the front office to the library, when it comes to organizing and storing stuff, Modular Laminate Cabinets (Casework) is fast becoming THE alternative to built-in millwork.

Modular Casework is being used in many applications. These include offices, laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, and schools. In any organization, there are several areas well suited for modular casework laminate cabinets. Areas like community workspaces, copy/fax/print areas, mail rooms, break rooms, kitchens, libraries, and other spaces that have specific activity and storage needs. But what if those needs change? Modular casework is designed to change with you.

Why choose modular casework? Aside from the fact that pieces are made to your specifications, it’s instructive to know that casework laminate cabinets are placed or hung with rail mounting systems. This simple system allows for easy repairs and reconfigurations when necessary. Additionally, simple cam-and-pin assembly makes change-outs extra simple.
Laminate Cabinets Brochure
You want cabinets that suit your needs. But, let’s be honest, your needs grow and evolve. Learn more about how Laminate Cabinet Modular Casework meets the specifications of any space but is also designed to change with you. Download the brochure!

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Organization provided by laminate cabinets
Of course, these laminate cabinets are more than just another storage product. They are produced through a manufacturing system that gives you the customization and look of built-in millwork with the value and precision of a CAD-driven, factory assembled product, combined with a limited lifetime warranty and a seven-year depreciation schedule.We have laminate base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets, storage cabinets, and organizing modules to fit every need.