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Universal Weapons Rack


The Universal Weapons Rack accommodates any combination of weapons with optics zeroed. Perfect for military weapons storage and transportation.

Universal Weapons Racks (UWR) were designed alongside military personnel to support operational readiness and solve the unique challenges of the military environment. Not only can this military weapons locker accommodate almost any combination of weapons, but optics can remain zeroed during storage and transport to provide a significant boost in combat readiness.

While in storage, Universal Weapons Racks provide security, organization, and visibility with perforated doors to make accountability checks simple. When it’s time to deploy, the racks can be transported without repacking. The military weapons storage system prevents any abrasions, shocks, movements, or vibrations to ensure weapons arrive safely.

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Everything you need to know about Universal Weapons Racks!


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Learn about keeping any combination of weapons secure, with optics zeroed during storage.


  • Adjustable racks accommodate almost any size and length of military weapon within one system
  • Optics and accessories can remain zeroed and assembled
  • All components passed accidental shock and load tests to keep weapons secure
  • Cabinets can be tilted 90 degrees in any direction without weapon becoming dislodged
  • Perforated steel doors and sides make inventory and accountability checks more efficient
  • Retractable doors save space and allow easier access to contents
  • Cabinets can be stacked or ganged together without chains or welding
  • UWR Mini size available for easier physical transportation
  • All Universal Weapons Racks can be mounted onto a mobile storage system to save space in storage areas

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