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Document Scanning

As your business grows, so does your paper trail.

While that paper might be necessary to conduct day-to-day operations, it can also be a pain -- to store, to locate and manage. With document scanning, paper documents can be captured and then transformed into a digital format using optical character recognition software, meaning they're turned into text documents that can be keyword searched -- rather than just photos of documents.

Patterson Pope has the experience and the expertise to be your digital documentation partner -- collaborating with you on a document scanning process and plan that can save square footage in your office, save your employees time in searching for files, and have you ready to function seamlessly for a pivot to remote or hybrid work.

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If there’s one thing we know, it’s this: Stuff Expands – especially paper documents. That’s why we provide top-tier document scanning services that transform physical paper into secure, easily accessible digital formats
Document and File Scanning | Patterson Pope

What can scanning do for you?

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Benefits of Document Scanning

There are many advantages to digitizing your files. Here are just a few:

Seamlessly Share Documents Across the Company

Even the most digital-forward companies experienced a few hiccups when COVID-19 created a rapid transition to at-home work -- one of the biggest being the need for their employees to access paper files. Having digitized documents means improved productivity and collaboration without having to be at the office.
Seamlessly Share Documents Across the Company

Safely and Securely Access and Store Documents

In collaboration with high-security protocols and backup systems, having scanned documents is the equivalent of having a physical, locked filing cabinet -- you can control who has access to which files, how they get organized and how often they get backed up -- keeping lost documents to a minimum.
Safely and Securely Access and Store Documents

Make it Easier to Do Business with You

Digital documents are table stakes in today's business operations. It sounds like a small thing, but being able to send your customers or business partners digital files that they can fill out and return without having to print something out, or travel to drop it off is priceless and shows you care about saving them time.
Make it Easier to Do Business with You

Save Money and Time for Your Company

When employees have to search for paper documents in file rooms, it wastes time they could spend doing more meaningful work. At the same time -- folders, labels, ink and printers/copiers are expensive for the initial investment as well as maintenance. Digital documents decrease those costs dramatically.
Save Money and Time for Your Company

Decrease the Need for Storage Space

The amount of square footage you'll save from digitizing documents isn't insignificant -- especially when you think about other needs for the space within your company. As more folks return to work, they'll need to be distanced -- something to consider if your files are taking up space in multiple rooms.
Decrease the Need for Storage Space
Our Scanning Approach | Patterson Pope

Our Document Scanning Approach

Dealing with paper documents is hard enough on its own -- so when you decide to make the leap to digital, we want to make it as easy as possible.

Expert Analysis

Walk us through the lifecycle for documents and content at your company, and we'll work with you to create a process on what to expect for document prep, scanning and post-scanning to make sure your files are rendered according to your needs.

On-Site Scanning

Once we figure out the way forward together, we can come to you. Our mobile scanning service lets us digitize your collection at your location. Or, if it makes more sense to move your files, we have our own certified scanning facility and on-site storage.

Day-Forward Scanning

When you have your backlog digitized, there's no way you'll want to go backward by letting paper documents pile up again. We can handle all incoming documents, scan them on demand, and integrate them into your workflow.
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