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Ring up space savings with retail storage

The right retail storage system—whether for the sales floor or back of house — can maximize efficiency, minimize losses, and cut space needs.

A versatile Patterson Pope solution offers full visibility in a space-efficient layout:

  • Store almost anything, of any size and weight, on flexible shelving systems designed to suit your needs today and in the future.
  • Maximize space efficiency in your backroom and expand your sales floor with the ActivRAC System.
  • Expedite inventory management with mobile high-density storage systems that streamline product picking and packing.
  • Utilize vertical storage to add capacity and make things easier to find.
  • Make a statement with movable walls for merchandising or storage that simultaneously transforms your space.
  • Simplify order pickup for customers by making safe and secure smart delivery lockers available at all hours of the day.
Patterson Pope’s experts help you take control of retail transformation

Technology is changing the retail sector. Customer expectations are on the rise, and traditional brick-and-mortar locations need to offer rich experiences that support and strengthen online and omni-channel retailing. Flexible shelving systems maximize your space efficiency, leaving you with more floor space and more room for customer in-store experiences. Plus you can make it easier to merchandise while creating more space for smooth, hassle-free checkouts.

Behind the scenes, retailers also need transparency and efficient product access to stay organized and minimize losses. By reimagining inventory space, you can avoid accidental redundancy in order picking, reduce shipping delays, do better damage control, and improve worker experience.

Adding smart delivery lockers is another way to drive customer loyalty. Your customers that want to click and collect can do so, when and where they want. Meanwhile, your knowledgeable and friendly sales staff can focus their attention on enhancing customer service in the store.

Our experts understand the importance of optimizing your customers’ shopping experience and maximizing inventory turnover. Enjoy the benefits of a versatile retail storage system custom-designed to suit your space and help you stay organized.


Enhance the shopping journey whether it's brick or click.

Balancing inventory and sales space is critical to retail profitability—especially with high rental costs in many places. Select from a wide range of retail storage options.
Select an application:
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Back of House

Retail can’t run smoothly without solid processes in place behind the scenes. Maximize space and improve inventory management with storage designed to support retail operation productivity and profitability.


Organize inventory with a mobile storage system that makes products easy to track and manage. Double capacity while cutting back on the distance your employees travel.

High-density storage

Select from electric-powered, mobile-assist, or manual high-density storage systems to compact your inventory in fewer fixed aisles. Eliminate unnecessary aisles and free up valuable space to simplify processes and improve worker safety.

High-bay shelving

Take advantage of vertical space with adaptable shelving that lets you store a host of different types of products. Instead of having to shift stock around, you can expand your available space with shelving units that let you put more stuff in the same footprint.

Vertical lifts and carousels

Vertical carousels can help meet your storage challenges for all sorts of inventory, from automobile tires to animal print coats. Integrate this storage solution with your inventory software to better track and manage your products.

Employee Smart lockers

Provide staff with peace of mind their belongings are safe and secure while they’re at work. Remove the need for keys or locks with this practical solution for staff rooms that can cut loss and theft concerns.

Front of House

You want to make your customer-facing environment a welcoming, organized space that guides visitors toward a purchase. Effective retail storage creates a seamless shopping experience that goes hand-in-hand with excellent customer service.

High-Density Storage

Store twice the amount of inventory in the same footprint while making it easy for customers and employees to find and pick products quickly. With compact storage on the sales floor, your staff won’t have to disengage with customers to check back-of-house for a specific product.

4-Post shelving

Customize your static shelving to enhance your interior design while maximizing available space. Choose from a variety of custom finishes on durable heavy-duty shelves that create attractive, compact storage and maintain your brand image.

Smart Package Lockers

Offer self-service package pickup with automated parcel lockers for click-and-collect customers. Provide convenience by notifying Buy Online, Pickup in Store customers when their items are available.

Movable walls

Choose from a variety of movable wall materials, colors, textures, and hardware to create a customized space. Reimagine your layout with a wall that does double duty as a merchandising wall, divider from dressing rooms, or in-store storage.

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