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Team Lockers

Smart Lockers Helping Tackle Team Challenges

In today’s workplace, you can’t always count on everyone in a team working in the same space, at the same time. With people working remotely (either full- or part-time), coordinating document exchange, keeping a workflow progressing or sharing resources grows more complicated. Team lockers tackle these challenges and more.

Having a safe place to securely store items for exchange is essential for dynamic work environments. Instead of adding the onerous task of scheduling a time when everyone involved in a project is onsite simultaneously, enable secure pickup and exchange of assets or goods with smart team lockers. Conveniently exchange project materials, data or sensitive information with shared, auditable access to reliable locker technology.

How to use your employee lockers

  • Identify staff who should have access to a particular team locker
  • Allocate that locker for use by those team members in your platform
  • Invite employees to use company access cards, smartphones and facial recognition to operate and release their flexible team locker
  • Enjoy peace of mind that shared resources are kept secure while offering flexible access
  • View usage information in online analytics platform to thoroughly audit access

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Team locker advantages

Allocating certain smart lockers for team use allows employees to safely share resources at times that are convenient for each individual. Other benefits of team lockers include:

  • Secure business data, devices, documents and other resources while gaining traceability and accountability
  • Cultivate collaboration with a smart team locker system encouraging people to work together seamlessly, wherever they are
  • Create an easy self-service team storage solution that is independent of team membersschedules
  • Save team members’ time while also reducing the risk of lost or misplaced items
  • Optimize your work environment for the unpredictability of workforce flow with flexible team lockers
Make remote work easier by using smart team lockers for secure exchange of project materials, data and other sensitive information. Say goodbye to coordinating everyone’s schedules – our lockers provide shared, auditable access for convenient exchanges.


Identify which employees need access to team lockers, allocate them via your platform, and invite team members to use cards, smartphones or facial recognition for flexible locker use. It’s a simple and secure way to manage shared resources.
Keep it simple with our online analytics. Audit access to team lockers and gain insights into usage patterns. Your shared resources stay secure, and you can optimize locker allocations based on real-time data.

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