The Eclipse powered mobile shelving system is easy to configure, simple to use and exceptionally safe.

Eclipse Electrical Powered Mobile Shelving Systems are a great solution to tackle almost any storage challenge. By creating a movable aisle that can compact your shelving, Eclipse shelving provides extra space for the activities that have a direct impact on your business — whether that’s additional offices, lounge areas, more work spaces, or even extra storage space.

Electrical-powered mobile shelving systems have helped boost efficiency and organization in libraries, hospitals, athletic equipment rooms, museums, police departments, and other work environments.
We can’t just build one of these units where you are right now, so download the Powered High-Density Mobile Shelving System brochure. It’s the next best thing.

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Electrical Powered Mobile Shelving System


You can customize your Eclipse Shelving System with multiple design options, safety features, and accessories to create a system equipped for your exact needs.
  • Aisle opens with the press of a button or touch of an LCD touchscreen
  • A full range of standard and optional automatic safety features, including safety sweeps, brakes, and anti-tip rails
  • Optional TouchPad or key switch controls allow you to regulate access to restricted aisles.
  • System can be programmed to automatically close and lock itself
  • Wide array of sizes, colors, finishes, and end panel materials
  • Reconfigure, expand, or relocate mobile system as needed
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  • Virtually any type of storage units can be mounted on Eclipse mobile carriages – even your existing shelving and cabinets. Works great with Case-Style Shelving, 4-Post Shelving and Cantilever Shelving.
  • A choice of control panels lets you set up your Eclipse Powered System precisely to your preferences. Activate your system from the standard face panel control, an optional infrared-capable control or an optional touch pad aisle access control.
  • The optional Power-link remote PC interface capability ensures quick and easy reconfiguring as your needs change.
  • Optional environmental sensors check for temperature and humidity levels and the presence of water near your system and automatically e-mails you if conditions are unacceptable.
  • Optional overhead lighting for safety and convenience.
  • Automatic System Movement Options will let you position carriages just where you want them.
  • Eclipse Mobile Systems are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and end-panel materials. You can also customize end-panels that complement the look and feel of your environment.
  • "SSC-166-318439" Is one of the unique model numbers for our powered systems to include Desk Top Remote that can integrate with your own inventory systems to manage items stored and track and control user access.<>/li