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Mobility Crate


Stackable Crates for Shipping and Storage

The mobility crate provides a modular storage and logistics solution for utility terrain vehicles (UTV). These stackable crates can store 2-person and 4-person UTVs and boast a structural steel frame that handles heavy loads while protecting its valuable cargo. 4-way forklift access allows crate stacking up to 3-tiers high, which not only saves spaces but also provides mission-ready access to UTVs and other gear. The crate interior features a gate and locking ramp at each end, tread plate deck and six tie-down hooks to secure cargo while in storage or transit.

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Everything you need to know about Mobility Crates!


A picture is worth a thousand storage ideas.




Good things come in threes, so we imagine that mobility crates stacked 3-high qualify.

  • Enables container stacking up to 3-high
  • Maximizes warehouse space
  • Features knockdown construction for easy shipping and storage when not in use
  • Can fit 2-person and 4-person UTVs in one standard system
  • Provides mission-ready storage for rapid deployment
  • Allows dual entry and access for functional tests during storage
  • Supports heavy loads with structural steel frame
  • Is galvanized for long-term outside or inside use

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