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We might not be lab techs, but we excel in organizing the chaos behind the scenes of life-saving discoveries. Our life sciences storage solutions bring efficiency and security to your lab, helping clear the clutter for your next big discovery.

Streamline access to all the materials you need to expedite your next discovery with biological sample storage and pharmaceutical storage customized to suit your needs:

  • Maximize Development Space: Create more space for product development by compressing your storage footprint with high-density solutions.
  • Simplify and Enhance Workflows: From colossal equipment to microscopic marvels, our carousel shelving can simplify workflows and even improve ergonomics for your employees.
  • Meet Regulatory Compliance: Meet strict FDA standards effortlessly with modular drawers and modernized storage equipped with top-notch temperature control and sanitation capabilities.
  • Accelerate Time to Market: Get to market that much sooner with storage that streamlines documentation and pairs security with simplified accountability.
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Our Healthcare Storage 101 eBook provides insights into optimizing space and managing supplies in compliance with dynamic healthcare standards.


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Transforming Life Sciences, One Shelf at a Time

Digital transformation might be changing the life sciences industry, but there’s always a need to improve collaboration and find cost-effective solutions. Our storage solutions are designed to answer that need, helping you deliver value to patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders.
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Raw Materials
End Product
Retained Storage
Lab Storage

Raw Materials Storage

Proper pharmaceutical storage begins with raw materials. Our storage solutions maintain the integrity and stability of your materials in the pre-manufacture phase while simplifying access for your techs.

High-Density Storage Systems

Compact your storage footprint and make it easier for your people to access the materials they need with our mobile shelving solutions.

Vertical Carousels/Lean Lift

Retrieve materials more efficiently, while saving employees from bending, twisting, and reaching with Rotomat® Carousels and Hänel Lean-Lifts® that bring materials to your fingertips.

End-Product Storage

Enhance the storage of pharmaceuticals with solutions that are designed to maintain the highest quality of your finished products. Enable Good Distribution Practices and Good Warehousing Practices by ensuring end-product quality with our storage systems.

High-Density Storage Systems

Regain space for revenue-generating activity with compact shelving solutions that add important control features like temperature control and sanitation capabilities.

Vertical Carousels/Lean Lift

Simplify product picking, inventory management, and quality control for your end-product pharmaceuticals, biotech, or medical devices with space-optimizing carousels and lifts.

Retained Storage

Whether you’re keeping retained samples for 30 days or three years, you still need to ensure product identity, strength, quality, and purity. Know what you have and where, and be confident your products are safe and secure with retained storage solutions.

High-Density Storage Systems

All those single samples of products can eat up your space quickly. Moveable storage reduces wasted aisle space and gives you back valuable room for more revenue-generating activities.

Vertical Carousels/Lean-Lift

Keep pharmaceutical storage organized and accessible, and be able to account for every item with our vertical carousels and lean-lift systems.

Lab Supplies

Pharmaceutical research requires a lot of, well, stuff. Don’t let your lab get cluttered with beakers, balances, pipettes, or pumps – store equipment of all shapes and sizes with organized solutions that save space and improve productivity.

High-Density Storage Systems

Reclaim space for research and breakthroughs with compact mobile shelving that both does away with wasted aisle space and helps you find the supplies you need, when you need them.

Modular Casework

Help keep workspaces organized and encourage valuable experimentation, with cabinets built to support your supplies and accessories, no matter how oddly shaped.

Modular Drawers

Enhance collaboration among team members with these robust, reliable drawer cabinets, and conveniently move your work supplies whenever needed.

Documentation Storage

Keeping track of the so-called secret sauce for each product may not be the most fun part of the job, but it’s essential for compliance. Organize and simplify your procedural, instructional, and compliance records with our storage solutions.

High-Density Storage Systems

Reduce your storage footprint and increase efficiency with optimized workflows offered by compact mobile shelving systems.

4-Post Shelving

Our flexible, robust 4-post shelving systems can accommodate all documents to ensure records are organized, secure, and easily accessible.

Maintenance Equipment/Parts Storage

Don’t stop scientific discovery for a lost part. Keep your supply chain link strong with storage that organizes all the parts and pieces needed for equipment maintenance.

High-Density Storage Systems

Lab equipment is a significant chunk of your operating budget. Don’t stop or slow research or production because you can’t find that one part. Save space, cut downtime, and ensure parts are where you need them with compact mobile shelving systems.

Wire Cages & Partitions

Extra equipment, backup tools, and spare parts don’t need to make a mess of your work environment. Put everything in place with wire cages and partitions providing modular, free-standing enclosures.

Modular Drawers

Mobilize your maintenance team with workbench cabinets that roll with them. These durable drawer cabinets can double as workbenches wherever the tech is needed.

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