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Top Marks for Smart Lockers in Higher Education

When you think about lockers, you might think about high school. But many universities and colleges are seeing the value of self-service smart locker systems. College lockers can provide a seamless, on-demand experience while optimizing valuable campus space and reducing administrative burdens.

Benefit from real-time data and insights with innovative and future-proof locker systems designed for ease of use, scalability, and adaptability. Users can enjoy hassle-free storage with simple access via campus IDs or smartphones. And facility administrators enjoy improved staff productivity and decreased administrative costs.

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Our smart locker system solutions offer several advantages:

1. Provide secure and convenient personal storage where and when needed on campus
2. Enable users to power phones, laptops, and other electronics in their lockers with USB ports
3. Allow managers to remotely assign, open, block, monitor, and release lockers via a simple, smart interface
4. Use data insights to optimize resources and make the best use of a limited campus footprint
5. Configure locker banks conveniently and quickly, according to your needs
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Patterson Pope proudly partners with Vecos for superior-quality, secure smart lockers for schools. Work with our expert team to design a custom college locker setup that meets the needs of your students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Configure Lockers for Your Campus Needs

Our smart college lockers are designed for flexibility and are configurable to any environment or usage preference.

You might want to provide adjunct faculty with a locker for a semester, assign fixed lockers for club use, or let students select day-use lockers in an academic or athletic building. All these examples and more work with the completely configurable smart lockers that provide ready access for limitless uses across campus.

Enhance and streamline student, staff, and faculty experience while benefitting from a massive reduction in facilities management time. Set up lockers for community or visitor personal storage, delivery, library, or IT drop-off and exchange. Equip your athletic teams or store equipment or project materials in classrooms. It’s all possible.

You can easily change the use for any single locker or locker bank with our user-friendly software — even remotely. Simply connect to your active directory to define access for different users and offer the on-demand convenience and hassle-free storage your campus community wants.

Smart Locker Components

How Smart Lockers Work

High-quality, sturdy smart-university lockers connect with secure, cloud-based software that seamlessly integrates with your school’s active directory, course management system, student registration or student tracking systems, payment platforms, and more.

Any member or group of your campus community can reserve, release, or share lockers from onsite operating terminals or their smart locker apps. They can use campus IDs, near-field communications, QR codes, biometrics, or other options to access reservations - avoiding the frustration of lost keys or forgotten combinations.

Campus administrators enjoy access to real-time data in a cloud-based management application that allows remote access and dynamic configurations. Save up to 90% of time previously expended on assigning, opening, and releasing lockers with an automated solution. You can even consolidate all campus lockers in a single management system to further optimize storage solutions.

Types of Smart University Lockers

Our smart college lockers are configurable for any situation that might come up on your campus. Tailor your smart locker system to fit your dynamic needs—and adapt and scale with future changes.
Student unions are important campus hubs, with students coming through at all hours. Let your students catch up with friends, attend a club meeting, have a study session, or grab a bite without worrying about where to put personal belongings.
Let campus athletes and fitness enthusiasts of any level take advantage of convenient smart lockers that they can reserve in advance and open with a smartphone, campus ID, QR code, or other connected device. Or, make additional revenue for your athletics department by renting lockers to visitors.
Install smart lockers in library settings to store personal belongings when collaborating or engaging in other activities. Support productivity by setting up lockers for 24/7 resource hand-off, including audio-visual equipment distribution, IT equipment repair exchanges, and other self-service retrieval requests.
Student online shopping means campus shipping volumes are growing dramatically. College mailrooms can be overwhelmed with e-commerce deliveries, along with the important document handling and other responsibilities mailrooms fulfill for faculty and staff. Smart parcel delivery lockers streamline collection, cut resource requirements, and give 24/7 access to the flood of incoming packages.
Whether your students are performing onstage or practicing in rehearsal rooms, they’ll be better able to focus on their craft if they know their personal belongings are secure. Plus, install smart lockers in a venue lobby for visitors to secure their coats and bags to create a more welcoming, comfortable audience experience.
With smart college lockers, you can give students and faculty a simple and secure way to store their personal belongings between classes. Lockers give them quick and easy access to their stuff, plus they can power devices throughout the day. Smart lockers in classrooms and labs protect expensive technology and equipment or ensure projects are left exactly as they were between class sessions.
Dynamic Storage

Dynamic storage for your campus environment. Smart locker technology provides a secure, seamless, and frictionless experience.

Enjoy a seamless, frictionless experience with secure, compliant smart locker technology.

User Case Overview
Management Benefits

Management Benefits:

User-friendly software and remote access, including automated user notifications, save up to 90% of the time previously spent monitoring locker usage, cleaning schedules, or troubleshooting user issues.
An ISO27001-certified system that integrates and automates with your school’s active directory, CMS, student registration or student tracking systems, payment platforms, and more.
Easily scale and optimize locker use today and in the future with the data insights to learn what works best for your school.
Campus and Community  Benefits

Campus community benefits:

 Avoid headaches of lost keys or forgotten combinations with effortless access using personal identification people have on hand already (RFID badges, smart mobile devices, face ID, etc.).
Make opening, switching, sharing, and releasing lockers touch-button simple with an easy-to-use interface
Provide lighting and an integrated USB port for electronics charging to benefit your users.
Avoid limiting campus life and activities to “business hours” with lockers providing 24/7 access to library materials, technology, lab supplies, and more.
Provide lighting and an integrated USB port for electronics charging to benefit your users.
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