To succeed in a tough world, you need two things: strength and adaptability. Freestyle® Personal Storage Lockers offer both.

While every law enforcement facility is unique, most of the officers we’ve worked with on renovations and new construction have the same general goals. When it comes to locker rooms and other personal storage areas, these officers want to:

  • Make the best use of available space
  • Keep personal gear organized and secure
  • Invest in strong, durable, high-quality personal storage lockers that are made in the USA
  • Invest in personal storage lockers that can adapt to meet changing demands

Spacesaver’s Freestyle Personal Storage Lockers are the ideal solution. With the ability to be internally configured in a wide variety of ways, these lockers can accommodate each individual’s personal storage needs and be updated over time as modern innovations present new requirements. For instance, Spacesaver recently added the option of installing USB charging ports along with electrical outlets.
Personal Storage Lockers Brochure
You learned in Kindergarten to share, yet you still want a place to organize, store and secure your personal stuff. Learn how you can personalize your storage lockers by downloading the brochure today.

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Freestyle Personal Lockers


The interior of each locker can be configured with custom locker shelves, bins, internal compartments, drawers, and a variety of other accessories. Each officer locker offers a wide range of options to securely store equipment, uniforms, weapons, electronics, and other public safety gear — and the personal storage lockers can even be configured to include separately locked sections to provide additional security for personal valuables. Most importantly, these components can be swapped out as the officers’ needs change.

Along with internal customizations, Spacesaver engineers can design personal locker storage units that include added features like HVAC integration, pull-out benches, sloped tops, and other external features. For facilities that need smaller lockers, we also offer duty bag lockers and tiered “day use” lockers that are cleaned out at the end of each shift.