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Employee Lockers for Personal Use

Smart locker technology transforming the workplace

Individuals no longer need to stick to the same seating arrangement day in and day out. In fact, they may only utilize the office a couple of days a week. Providing employee lockers for personal use gives your people access to their own private space, even in the most dynamic workplace.

Empty desks are a waste. As many businesses embrace a more flexible approach with shared spaces, people still want the security of having somewhere safe to stow their stuff. A personal employee locker lets your people move around freely while still enjoying the feel of a fixed desk.

How to use your employee lockers

  • Use company access cards, smartphones and facial recognition to assign, operate and release the flexible locker for employees
  • Enable employees to fully utilize office space based on their activities rather than being tied to a desk all day
  • Add agility to your work environment with a dynamic, self-service locker solution that saves on resources and space

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Employee personal locker advantages

You’re already empowering your staff with the right technology. Smart lockers for employees enable people to work anywhere in the office without having to worry about their personal belongings. Other benefits of office lockers for employees include:

  • People can work how they want, with secure storage when and where they need it
  • Streamline the in-office experience with smart employee lockers that your people can reserve ahead of time
  • Offer a frictionless experience to find available personal storage in close proximity to their work area for the day
  • Promote a modern, smart working culture by ridding your work space of the clutter from coats, bags, and other personal belongings
  • Save time and significantly reduce administrative work while improving agility and productivity as well as employee-wellbeing without compromising on security
  • Demonstrate your investment in employees with high-tech smart storage that simplifies their day
Choose fixed-use employee day lockers for those that come in regularly. Assign a consistent locker for your people’s convenience. You can select how long that employee can have that assigned locker or make it indefinite. Set it up from the locker portal to simplify management.


Flexible-use day lockers are great for hybrid environments or collaborative offices where people will be on the move throughout the day. Give your employees easy app, badge scan or biometric access to the locker they want, where and when they want it.
Set up a mix of both fixed and flexible-use lockers. Then, take a test-and-learn approach and use the data insights to optimize your allocations and make the most of your space.

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