There’s more to public service than pushing paper.

At the heart of all government business is the responsibility for the individuals’ safety and welfare. And often getting this job done requires a lot of documents – sometimesin triplicate. Even in the digital age, there is no shortage of stuff for government agencies and offices to store. Plus, they must stow personal and sensitive files in a secure way to preserve compliance. 

Whether you’re at the federal, state or local level, Patterson Pope’s government storage solution experts help increase efficiency and workflow. 

Working in all sorts of government spaces with city, county and state agencies as well as with Department of Natural Resources, Homeland Security and the FBI, Patterson Pope’s experts have found new ways to make the most of the space in cramped historical buildings or do more with tight budgets. 

With a customized design of high-density mobile shelving systems, static shelving and cabinets, lockers, modular casework and smart storage, the size of the space or the budget isn’t a hindrance. We can engineer the right solution to: 

  • Avoid the cluttered workspaces that undermine public sector morale 
  • Have the right forms and documents within reach of the people you’re working to serve 
  • Store public records and legal documents efficiently and cost effectively 

With the right storage solution, you’ll have more time for the important work of government.  

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Easy, secure access to information is essential in both criminal and civil matters. We have the answer to Clerk of Court space challenges.