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Maximize your growth with vertical growing systems that take your Controlled Environment Agriculture to new heights – literally. 

Grow your space and watch your profits bloom with the unmatched efficiency of our vertical growing systems. Here’s how we can help you sprout up:

  • Streamline Seed-to-Sale Processes: Mobile high-density systems simplify every step from planting to harvesting, making operations smoother and more efficient. 
  • Adapt to Agricultural Demands: Cultivate almost anything on adaptable vertical systems designed to meet your needs now, and as you grow. 
  • Maximize Growth Space: Expand your plant capacity with the GROW Mobile System. Say goodbye to wasted aisles and hello to lower costs per plant.
  • Enhance Crop Health: Utilize multi-tiered growing systems to maximize vertical space, enhancing light exposure and airflow for healthier crops.
  • Ensure Easy and Safe Access: Develop user-friendly systems that facilitate easy and safe access to all plants, improving ergonomics and operational safety for your staff.
  • Maintain Operational Safety: Safety locks prevent unexpected movement, ensuring your team’s comfort and safety are never compromised.
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Think bigger, grow better. Dive deep into the roots of efficient farming with our exclusive GROW brochure. Download now and start transforming your space!


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Elevate Your Grow, Whether It’s Microgreens or Medical Cannabis.

Balancing plant health and space efficiency is crucial to profitability – especially in competitive markets. Choose from our versatile range of agricultural functions:
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Medical Cannabis Cultivation
Vertical Farming Systems

Medical Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis cultivation demands precision and efficiency behind the scenes. Optimize your grow space and enhance yield management with systems designed to boost productivity.

GROW Mobile System

Designed to maximize your grow area and optimize environmental controls, this system supports high-density cannabis cultivation with ease of scalability.

GROW Drying System

Poor harvest handling can make or break the quality of your cannabis. Our system minimizes handling to protect terpene and THC levels, ensuring a simplified, efficient drying process.

GROW Crosswalk

Enjoy stable, elevated platforms for easy maintenance across multi-tier setups, ensuring safe and secure access to even the tallest plants.

Vertical Farming Systems

You want to ensure your indoor farming operation is a streamlined, productive space that maximizes plant growth and simplifies maintenance. Create an optimized growing environment that goes hand-in-hand with top-tier plant health.

GROW Mobile System

In urban vertical farming, space is at a premium. Maximize your planting area both vertically and horizontally, ensuring optimal use of urban farm spaces and enhancing crop yields.

GROW Drying System

Create a controlled environment for drying delicate herbs and greens, reducing spoilage and maintaining flavor and nutritional value.

GROW Crosswalk

Ideal for maintenance and harvesting activities, our crosswalk enhances labor efficiency while facilitating safe and easy access to vertical farming tiers.