Making it easy for you to get to the weekend.

So, why is it that “everybody’s working for the weekend”? Perhaps a cluttered, unproductive workspace is getting them down. If your business doesn’t have the right office storage in place, things can quickly get confusing and complicated. Well, don’t start “goin’ off the deep end”. Patterson Pope has the adaptable office storage solutions you need to keep things easy and efficient.

We can design an office storage system to perfectly fit your workflow. Make the most of your space with high density storage with moveable aisles to allow for more conference rooms, offices, lounge areas or socially distanced spaces. Amp up your organization’s organization with casework cabinets, shelves and storage systems that help your people keep track of stuff — big or little.

Office storage doesn’t have to be dull either. Control all those files, corral that mail, store those product samples, stow employee belongings and so much more — all with style. Choose from a wide range of finishes and materials to have your storage add a design flourish to the office or blend in seamlessly. You might even add features such as scannable security, refrigerated compartments or electrical connectivity.

Office storage is innovative. Here are just a few examples:

    • Smart lockers can provide convenient, touchless peace of mind
    • Vertical storage racks on mobile systems add capacity and make things easier to find
    • Movable walls help you craft your space to suit your needs
    • Rotary file cabinets can double your storage while minimizing footprint

Making the most of office storage creates a space people are motivated to work in and want to come into every day. Or...perhaps even the weekend!

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Lockers for a Safer Workplace

Employees are re-entering the workplace. Give them convenient options for storing their stuff and peace-of-mind with clean touch-less lockers.

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It seems like the world will never outgrow files. Which is a shame, because files always seem to outgrow the space you put them in. And who wants to use valuable square footage for storage? We can help you get files under control, so you can get more out of the space you have.