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Instantly Adjustable Racking


Instantly Adjustable Racking Provides Adjustability for any Materials Handling Application

Say "so long" to fixed-height storage racks and “hello” to adjustability. The Instantly Adjustable Racking System (IARS) utilizes a removable steel pallet to provide a variety of shelving configurations, maximizing storage capacity. Pallets are adjustable on 6-inch increments using any standard forklift and have been designed for unmatched safety, quality, durability and strength. With over 20 system sizes and a wide range of accessories to choose from, it’s easy to see how all types of materials can now be considered handled.

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You can customize your Instantly Adjustable Racking System with multiple options and accessories to create a system equipped for your exact needs.

Instantly Adjustable Rack Systems provide:

  • Adjustable pallet heights on 6-inch increments
  • Free-standing rack structure
  • Various configurations
  • Durable steel construction
  • Easy accessibility to stored materials
  • Lifetime warranty

Rack Accessories include:

  • Work benching
  • Guide rails
  • Cantilever arms
  • Safety barriers
  • Anti-fall mesh

Pallet Accessories include:

  • Light-duty shelves
  • Bin modules
  • Security cabinets
  • Partitioning kits
  • Load retainers
  • Parachute cages
  • Tire storage modules
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