Workplace lockers

Employee Day Use Lockers

Peace of mind about personal belongings

What better way to support employee well-being and efficiency than providing peace of mind about personal belongings? Even in the new flexible, collaborative, hybrid and open environments, people want to know they have a secure place to stow their stuff. Day lockers meet dynamic business and security needs while offering the adaptability to accommodate your particular usage.

Set up employee day use lockers for fixed or flexible use, or a mix of both, and see the productivity gains that come from supporting simple, frictionless access to reliably secure storage.

Simplify personal choice, confidence in storage security

Customize day-use lockers to suit your unique needs. Know that you can easily change how you configure the lockers as you learn employee behaviors and analyze locker usage.

  • Choose fixed-use employee day lockers for those who come in regularly. Assign a consistent locker for your people’s convenience. You can select how long that employee can have that assigned locker or make it indefinite. Set it up from the locker portal to simplify management.
  • Flexible-use day lockers are great for hybrid environments or collaborative offices where people will be on the move throughout the day. Give your employees easy app, badge scan or biometric access to the locker they want, where and when they want it.
  • Set up a mix of both fixed and flexible-use lockers. Then, take a test-and-learn approach and use the data insights to optimize your allocations and make the most of your space.

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Maximize flexibility for a fully dynamic workplace

Workplace design is evolving significantly. You want flexibility you can count on. That’s why we configure your smart day locker system to dynamically suit a wide range of possible applications.

No matter how you configure your solution, you can always leverage the benefits of smart locker technology.

  • Give employees convenient access to day lockers to secure their personal belongings.
  • Provide personal choice with dynamic locker allocations giving users access to storage where and when they need it in the workplace.
  • Simplify services with a seamless digital experience to reserve, access or release lockers.
  • Offer contactless access options including locker terminal, mobile app, RFID card or unique PIN code via text or email.
  • Integrate your locker system with 50+ other smart building apps through our extensive API library to centralize and automate building management, HR and security.
  • Take advantage of real-time locker monitoring and the ability to aggregate usage data to analyze trends and identify optimization opportunities.
  • Enhance workplace well-being with clean lockers made from a range of materials including hospital-grade and anti-microbial laminates.
  • Enjoy centralized control of locker banks to expedite cleaning or address security concerns.
Give your team more control! With our dynamic lockers, they can pick where to store things whenever they want at work. It's all about making storage easy and accessible right when and where they need it.


Elevate the well-being of your workplace with our clean lockers crafted from a variety of materials, including hospital-grade and anti-microbial laminates, to help create a healthier environment for your team.
Streamline your services with a seamless digital experience. Reserve, access or release lockers with ease through our user-friendly digital platform.

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