Optimize space in off-site storage facilities.

XTend® Mobile High-Bay Storage Systems optimize storage space while still providing complete accessibility to stored items. The compact storage system works by installing high-bay shelving on carriage-and-rail systems that allow the shelves to move with the press of a button, helping facilities make optimal use of available space. Particularly well-suited to climate-controlled facilities, the XTend compact high-bay storage system helps cut heating and cooling costs by eliminating wasted space in the aisles.

These compact storage systems are manufactured by the Spacesaver Corporation, the patent holder and industry leader in mobile high-bay storage systems.
Mobile High-Bay Storage System Brochure
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From libraries to businesses to government storage facilities – see what Spacesaver’s XTend Mobile High-Bay Storage System can to make the most of your off-site space.
Spacesaver XTEND Mobile High-Bay Shelving

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Mobile High-Bay Storage System
Features include:

  • Non-off-gassing polyester powder-coat paint keeps archived media safe for the long term
  • Integral side-shelf supports, shelf backstops, upright baffle closure panels and flue spaces contain media and also help protect it from fire loss
  • Compact storage shelves feature reinforced cold rolled steel box-formed construction and can be easily adjusted on vertical increments of 1-1⁄64 inch (26mm)
  • Shelves can be relocated without using tools
  • Construction exceeds the most stringent National Archives and Records Administration fire suppression standards