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Manual Assist Mobile Shelving System


The simple, cost-effect mobile shelving solution to make the most of your limited space

If you’re looking for a solution to make the most of a very limited space, manual mobile shelving units are a simple, cost-effective solution. Ideal for lighter loads, manual mobile shelving units integrate with almost any type of shelving or cabinet. When you need to access an aisle, simply pull the ergonomic handle to slide the movable shelves to the left or right.

Manual high-density mobile storage has helped boost efficiency and organization in libraries, hospitals, offices, and other work environments. Plus, you can customize your movable shelves with multiple design options and accessories to create a solution that’s both functional and fits the aesthetic of your space.

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Everything you need to know about Manual Assist Mobile Shelving Systems!


A picture is worth a thousand storage ideas.




Manual mobile shelving units can help transform how you store your stuff.

  • Aisle opens by pulling a manual handle
  • Movable Shelves comes with standard safety features and anti-tip rails
  • Optional waist-height lock for security
  • Wide array of sizes, colors, finishes, and end panel materials


How to make a great product even better!

  • Virtually any type of storage units can be mounted on manual mobile carriages – even your existing shelving and cabinets. Works great with Case-Style Shelving and 4-Post Shelving and Cantilever Shelving.
  • Manual mobile systems are available in a wide range of colors, finishes and end-panel materials. You can also customize end-panels that complement the look and feel of your environment.

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