Courage wins battles. Logistics wins wars.

Civilians can’t fully understand the military experience. Yet one thing we do know is the military fights a daily battle against chaos. In an environment where precision is essential to operational success, you can’t afford confusion over where items are stored. The mission may depend on quick access to the right gear, securing equipment in transit, and making sure every item is accounted for, tracked, and kept in top shape. 

Being duty-ready is essential in the military. Patterson Pope has the solutions to allow quick and easy supply access without compromising security. Our space-spacing storage products can streamline everything from ammunition storage to parachute packing, helmet handling to MREs management.  

The military must provision millions of people. Good organization is essential whether equipment is on the move, on-base or in station. To streamline processes at peace or during the heat of battle, we offer durable, customized storage solutions that withstands the heavy wear and tear of military environments. This can include: 

Training is intense, service may be dangerous, and every new mission brings fresh challenges. With careful planning military personnel can count on reliable access to all that they need to do the job well.  

Win the war on stuff with help from Patterson Pope’s military storage experts. 

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The war on the chaos stuff can bring is never-ending. Here are some of our more elegant victories.

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Secure any type of weapon with our Universal Weapons Rack (UWR). It can be mounted on a high-density mobile storage system to double capacity and also provide touchpad control with audit trail.