Temporary-Use and Agile Lockers

It might sound crazy, but hear us out. We believe lockers — temporary-use ones, not the ones you used in high school — are the key to maximizing and enhancing today’s spaces.

By nature, humans are always moving. And, modern spaces have evolved to keep up with that movement — as we can see from the current open-office obsession. However, even that agility requires a place to securely store your stuff — whether it’s your personal belongings, your work gear, or the packages being shipped to you.

The beauty of lockers is that they’re uber-flexible. Whether you’re building them into a wall, using a bank of them as a partition in an office space, or using them as the basis for an island or place to work, it gives your building’s users — residents, students, employees, and more — a place of their own.

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Smart Locker Storage

Take advantage of the space you already have.

After all, space is at a premium. With the right application, temporary-use lockers can create privacy, divide a space for dual-use, be a hub for collaboration, and more — while taking advantage of the space you already have. Here are some of our favorite applications:


Wall Partition

Islands & Furniture

Temporary-use lockers can turn blank walls into an optimized space for personal belongings, parcel drop-off and pick-up, and more. And, with a custom designed built-in locker, there’s an opportunity to make the area a focal point with brand colors and graphics.

Make your walls do double-duty. Modular lockers embedded into freestanding walls can provide storage and needed separation in conference rooms or multi-use spaces.

Hide your agile lockers in plain sight by making them part of the furniture in your space — custom islands, desks, and storage walls — and provide storage and a work space all in one.

Temporary-use and agile lockers represent the flexibility required for today’s working, learning, and living spaces.

Temporary Use Locker Brochure


Together we create the custom smart storage solution that is the perfect design for your space.

Temporary-use and agile lockers represent the flexibility required for today’s working, learning, and living spaces. When you start to think about storage in new and different ways, it becomes more than a simple locker —
it’s a way to enable a sense of ownership, communication, and function.


In the era of open offices and spaces, people still want a place that’s theirs, even if that space is temporary. Temporary-use lockers offer a degree of ownership and security in a fast-moving world.

Culture & Communication

Rethinking all aspects of a space — lockers included — can be a big part of the brand of your company or school and how you communicate your culture and values to students, employees, candidates, and business partners. Show you care about the people under your roof by keeping their belongings safe.

Function & Style

Gone are the days of the lockers with drab colors, bulky locks and hardware, and fixed locations. We can customize lockers, including built-in and modular lockers, based on the materials you’re already using in your building, specific brand colors, technology options, hardware, and more.


Smart Lockers

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Workplace Temporary-Use Agile Lockers

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Workplace Agile Lockers Hallway

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