Filson Historical Society Adds Space and Storage to its Famous Footprint

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Filson Historical Society: High-Density Museum and Art Storage

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Newly Constructed Museum Building Helps Archive Items from Kentucky’s Storied Past

Founded in 1884, the Filson Historical Society has stayed true to its mission of helping preserve and celebrate the people, events and items that have helped shape the history of Kentucky. As time passes, the collection grows. Thirty years after moving into Old Louisville’s Ferguson Mansion, the stacks were packed with cherished items, including artwork, firearms, and maps. Bursting at the seams with treasures, the Society’s museum needed to add storage space in a way that was smart, planned and purposeful.


After three decades of storing items in stacks in Louisville’s historic Ferguson Mansion, Filson Historical Society curators knew it was time to do something different. Rather than vacate the historic neighborhood they had called home since 1986, Society brass decided to purchase a parking lot adjacent to the mansion and add storage capacity to the property. In the end, the nearly 19,000 square foot building, along with renovations to the mansion and its adjacent carriage house, yielded historic success.

Once it was decided that changes locations outright was out of the question, Filson curators worked with architects and Patterson Pope to help devise the ideal storage plan to house the current collections, as well as plan for continued growth. From the very earliest days of design, the inclusion of high-density compact collection storage was always part of the plan to help make the most of the available space. Added in various areas of the museum’s newest building, it was just part of the overall expedition.

“When you see it all now, in the new units, you’re like, ‘Holy smokes!’ It makes you wonder how we ever managed before. Patterson Pope worked with us to get us exactly what we needed, and it’s made a big difference.”
– Jim Holmberg, Curator of Collections, Filson Historical Society

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