The Georgia National Guard’s (GNG) Combined Support Maintenance Shop – North (CSMS) had been using the same space for more than 20 years.

The furniture, workspaces and storage options that might have been adequate in 1992 had become tired and cluttered. Housing Armaments, Calibration, Optics and general equipment storage, the area was congested
and, to the untrained eye, unorganized. The decision to renovate the building afforded an exciting opportunity to re-imagine, rearrange and reconstitute the space. Thanks to a well established pre-existing relationship, the GNG and Patterson Pope decided to start with a blank slate and let necessity and inspiration be their guides for something new.


All told, there were seven (7) areas inside the CSMS that garnered attention from Patterson Pope, totaling just over 4,200 square feet of space. Those areas included Calibration (main and storage), Electronics, a general storage room, supply storage, armament repair and Optics.
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Georgia National Guard’s (GNG) Combined Support Maintenance Shop

Numerous discussions with CSMS personnel yielded insights that later translated into lockable high-density mobile storage from Spacesaver, Rousseau workbenches (featuring electro-static discharges) and drawers, Rousseau mini-racking, Sapcesaver RaptorRAC shelving, mesh lockers, and even newly created carts designed to accommodate heavy weapons, abundant cabling, and other equipment and machine parts. In the main repair area, the tiled floor was pulled up in favor of vinyl composite tile.

“It’s terrific,” said Chief Warrant Officer II Drew Roberts. “Honestly? With all this extra storage space, I can easily envision us never running out of space.”

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