Keeping Things Rolling

People have been using carts for centuries. At least that is what Wikipedia says. However, people have been using high-quality, durable carts from Patterson Pope for about 40 years.

Do you have a lot of items on the move in your office? Would you save money by freeing up the time your personnel spends on carrying items back and forth, loading and unloading? We’re guessing the answers are yes.

We have many different types of carts for sale. Although our carts are very popular in the medical field, we also serve a variety of industries and have models that will help with mobile operations and small parts storage just about anywhere.

We want to help you move in the right direction… on wheels!

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Medical Carts for Sale

Medical Procedure Carts
Medical carts can be just as important as the equipment that it moves. Our Medical Procedure Carts for sale are constructed with advanced polymers and have clean surfaces finished with Microban antimicrobial protection.
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Medical Case Carts
Medical facilities across the country are rolling with our Medical Case Carts. The flawless maneuverability coupled with easy-to-adjust cart shelves gives our busy medical professionals one less thing to worry about.
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Medical Code Crash Carts
Professionals love the self-closing, full access drawers that come with our Medical Code-Crash Carts. These medical carts for sale keep life-saving medicines and equipment organized, ready-available and most importantly – clean!
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Carts for Small Parts Storage

WrxWheels Transport System bin cart
The WRX Wheels Transported System was designed to address needs for storing equipment that is not meant to remain stationary. This cart is able to cater to your specific needs, no matter what they are. We designed this small parts storage cart so that you can design it the way you need it.
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