The Parachute Storage Facility at Ft. Bragg serves the world-famous 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. In a space that measures 140 x 65 ft., T-11 main and T-13 reserve chutes were kept in wire cages stacked as many as four high.

Over time, those cages began to show wear. Metal edges became bent and were getting snagged on parachute material, leading to tears. In addition, just getting to the baskets was no easy task, as it required moving them with a forklift just to be able to access the right equipment. Tags which showed which basket of chutes was next up to be used were difficult to read given the often haphazard way the baskets were oriented.


Necessity is often the mother of invention. The critical importance of ensuring the integrity of the equipment – and ease of access – got the creative minds at Patterson Pope and Spacesaver thinking. The result was a combination of an existing product and a new product that accomplished the mission perfectly.
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Fort Bragg

The newly designed, lockable Spacesaver Parachute Container – made with heavy-duty welded steel and offering perforated sides for inventory visibility and ventilation – stores 42 mains or 150 reserves. The smooth interior assures snag-free storage. Dozens of these containers are stored on shelves easily accessed via forklift. The shelves are part of a Spacesaver powered ActivRAC® Industrial High Density Mobile Storage System loaded with safety features.

“Having been here since 2000, and seeing the way it was before, I’m just really amazed by the transformation,” said Chief Warrant Officer-3 Terry Wright.”

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