The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s (ASO) Music Library had been slowly accumulating material for years.

The symphony, officially more than 70 years old, had become a fixture in the community. The library, in the same space for nearly 30 years, was in need of a refresh. Overstuffed shelves were crowded with material, there was little work area, and the librarian’s back office was being used as a storage room.


The library, relatively small at just over 1,100 square feet, was furnished with a Mechanical Assist (MA) High-Density Storage System. Over a dozen sections of the existing “retro look” shelving – which the library staff loved – was re-purposed for inclusion in the new space.
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An orderly library is not only great for finding things, but it can bring a certain amount of peace and tranquility. It’s a concept with which musicians are intimately familiar.

“This room is where our music lives. We spend a lot of time in here. We needed this.”

- Principal Librarian Rebecca Beavers

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