Sterile Storage: Belintra Sterisystem Healthcare Solutions

For healthcare providers, cleanliness is critical and patient safety is always top of mind. Keeping instruments sterile goes a long way toward the success of these goals. Optimized logistics provide the essential elements for each stage of the sterilization process.

Introducing Belintra Healthcare Storage. Belintra has developed a variety of products to serve the needs of particular departments. Patient care items can now be cleaned, stored and organized more easily.

Belintra Storage Solutions


With Belintra Sterisystem Healthcare Storage Solutions from Patterson Pope, you can create an ergonomic, sterile storage solution for sterile packs and containers.

  • Optimize space to store any-size sterile package or container by adding or removing runners in seconds.
  • Eliminate the stacking of wrapped trays, thereby meeting Joint Commission standards.
  • Increase efficiency by smoothly transferring containers from storage to transport carts.
  • Reduce handling time and damage to wrapped trays and containers, saving valuable time and money.
  • Incorporate stainless-steel shelves, baskets, and polycarbonate modules to create the perfect modular design solution.

Here’s a quick overview of the Belintra Sterisystem Healthcare Solutions.
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With sterile instrument trays and stainless-steel wire baskets, you can have a safe place to store and transport sterile instruments and sterile packs.

  • Sterisystem Sterile Instrument Trays are made of highly polished stainless steel, and a stable base ensures your instruments stay in place inside the tray.
  • The Sterisystem wire baskets fit with all Belintra transport carts and storage systems and are a hygienic, secure way to store and transport sterile packs.
Belintra Sterisystem Healthcare Solutions baskets offer a safe place to store and transport medical instruments


For a durable, functional and stable sterile storage solution, look no further than the UFlex Modular Storage System. This system provides a hygienic, ergonomic way to store sterile packs or containers in central sterilization and operating areas. This system’s modular design allows for a combination of runners and shelves so you can store different-sized packs in one unit. Units of the same depth can be combined to fit in any space.

Thanks to efficient sterile storage and transportation solutions like these, every healthcare organization can have an ergonomic, efficient, hygienic system. The result? An increased focus on protecting patients, with more resources directed toward their care.

The SteriSystem products also provide great transportation cart options as well.