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Mastering the Art of Evidence Room Storage


Overflowing property rooms aren’t just a logistical nightmare; they’re a liability. Our dynamic storage solutions are crafted to evolve with your law enforcement needs, ensuring every piece of evidence is secure, accessible, and accounted for. 

After all, a well-organized evidence room leads to clearer minds and cleaner cases:

  • Uphold the Chain of Custody: Ensure each piece of evidence is tracked, accessible, and secure, lowering the risk of misplacement.
  • Adapt to Regulatory Changes: Stay ahead with storage that flexes to accommodate extended statutes of limitations and varied evidence types.
  • Maximize Limited Space: Make the most of every inch and support diverse evidence from DNA samples to digital footprints.
  • Anticipate Future Needs: Our storage experts forecast and plan for your long-term storage requirements, ensuring your evidence rooms evolve as your needs do.
  • Boost Officer Morale: Streamline storage to reduce stress and increase productivity, creating a more positive work environment for your people.
  • Maintain Public Trust: Integrate robust security features that prevent tampering and theft, ensuring your operations are credible and reliable.
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Enhance your evidence room with our Public Safety Storage 101 eBook, and dive into innovative storage, planning tips and more that protect, serve, and save.


A picture is worth a thousand storage ideas.



Secure the Future and Present of Evidence Room Management.

From the long haul to the quick hold, our innovative storage solutions ensure security, accessibility, and efficiency, safeguarding the chain of custody throughout the evidence lifecycle.
Select an application:
Long-Term Evidence
Temporary Evidence

Long-Term Evidence

Evidence storage isn’t just about keeping items secure – it’s about preserving integrity over decades:
Evidence-Room-Long-Term Evidence Mobile

High-Density Storage

Maximize your space without sacrificing evidence integrity. Our high-density storage systems are designed to handle everything from routine evidence to oversized items, ensuring easy access and efficient use of every square inch.

Static Shelving

Robust and versatile, these shelving units over the durability required for long-term storage and the flexibility to evolve with your facility’s needs. They’re perfect for everything from firearms to fragile evidence.

Temporary Evidence

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Refrigerated Lockers

Keep biological evidence in optimal conditions with our refrigerated lockers, featuring advanced climate controls and customizable compartments for any sample type.
Evidence-Room-Temporary Evidence-Lockers

Evidence Lockers

Ensure a flawless chain of custody with our pass-thru and non-pass-thru lockers, allowing for secure evidence drop-off and retrieval without compromising security or accessibility.

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