New Building, Bigger Plans, and Grander Ambitions Yield Great Results

Over the course of an average year, the Mount Pleasant Police Department (MPPD) adds approximately 1,800 pieces of evidence. That kind of item increase is steady with the area’s growing population density. Until a recent move to a brand new facility, the department’s capacity to store these critical items was pushed hard. A combination of planning, design and a good dose of ingenuity joined together to create a new environment that not only better served current needs, but took future growth into account, as well.


The details that make individual evidence storage facilities unique naturally vary. For the Mount Pleasant Police Department, keeping track of those things helps them stay organized. That organization helps them to better serve the growing community around it. A recent move to a new space, combined with the installation of high-density mobile storage units, allowed the department to more than double its storage capacity. Now, the look and feel of the space adds professionalism, while the shelving adds ample room to house evidence of varying types for decades to come.
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Franklin, Tennessee

Patterson Pope helped the MPPD select a combination of products to improve storage and the overall “flow” of the evidence processing and storage process. While the centerpiece of the installation was a high-density mobile unit, the solution also included pass-thru evidence lockers, Spacesaver four-post shelving and a weapons rack. Modernizing the department’s ability to ensure security, organization and easy access to boxes of evidence of all kinds was a welcome step forward.

“What I most appreciate is the awareness I have today that [Patterson Pope is] providing an ever-present service; they’re not just selling a product. They really invest in the relationship.”

– Sgt. Greg Horton, Mount Pleasant Police Department

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