Army Reserve Unit in Georgia Modernizing for Better Parachute Storage and Mobilization

Even in an environment as steeped in tradition and repetition as the U.S. Army, sometimes there’s room for newness. After more than a quarter century of storing parachutes destined for bases around the world in open cardboard boxes, this client recognized the opportunity to transform an essential part of its storage stratagem while better serving the troops in the field. Experience and expertise combined to introduce an innovative solution that accomplished multiple goals while opening up options for future successes.


Entrusted with the task of shipping parachutes to locations around the globe, an Army Reserve Unit in Georgia decided to upgrade their storage set-up with ingenuity. By choosing to partner with Patterson Pope and Spacesaver, they selected steel Parachute Containers that held more equipment, could be better secured and more easily trucked to the nearby airports from where they embarked on their missions.

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For as long as it had existed, the unit had stored parachutes in large cardboard boxes. These boxes were then placed on skids and often stored on pallet racks. Given the relative weakness of cardboard, no stacking was possible, nor was there any possibility of locking mechanisms being added for security. As the unit responsible for cleaning and shipping parachutes to soldiers in far-flung destinations, finding a better way to store and secure their valuable tools was an essential task.

“Knowing that we, in some small way, help the U.S. Military perform its heroic duties around the world on a daily basis is a pretty awesome feeling. It’s the kind of ‘stuff” that drives us.”

– Bob Tyler, Patterson Pope sales representative

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