With big ambitions leading the way, one Southern high school invigorated student athletes by reimagining small space.

In a space measuring just over 350 square feet, this Cobb County, Georgia high school stored equipment for five separate football teams. Helmets either sat on tables or were hung from wall hooks. Jerseys and pads for five different squads were strewn about the space. Limited funding meant an expansion of the space was not a possibility. School leaders were left with a dilemma; namely, how to reimagine the equipment storage space to both maximize square footage and create an attractive, accessible area.


A Spacesaver High-Density Mobile Storage System eliminated all but one moveable aisle. Permanent shelving was affixed to one wall to anchor the system. Adjustable shelving was installed to create item-specific storage compartments and cubbies in each of the other aisles. A classic design helped the school ace their storage test.
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Exact measurements of the room itself and of every item meant to be stored therein yielded precise answers. The final installation included a single row of static shelving and four moveable aisles. The concerted efforts of school and community boosters made the renovation not only possible, but successful. The new equipment room is not only more organized, but is now an area that more easily facilitates item tracking and retrieval, as well. The right attitude, the right products and a passion for execution came together in a winning game plan.

“Patterson Pope surveyed all of the equipment and helped create a designated spot for every single piece. Now, we not only know exactly where everything is, but it’s a lot easier to get to, and that’s a big deal.”

– Varsity Head Football Coach Andy Scott

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