Two new offices allowed successful law firm to re-imagine what storage design could be.

When Baker Hostetler decided to separate its Cleveland, Ohio-based law firm into two separate offices in the metro area, it was capitalizing on success. With 900 offices across the country, the firm was growing in clientele and prestige. After the move, one office would house the Cleveland law office and another the firm-wide administrative functions – Marketing, Accounting, IT & HR. The relocation afforded the firm an unparalleled opportunity to review its furniture, filing and other storage options for more than six floors’ worth of combined space.


New storage solutions across a number of different areas delivered solutions and security for the firm’s attorney files, records room, volumes for the law library, mail and duplicating services, the facilities department, and even catering. More storage, a sleek look, and a modern feel.
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Solutions for Baker Hostetler from Patterson Pope

Conversations with representatives from each of the firm’s departments yielded valuable insights about how workers did their jobs – and what systems would most benefit their responsibilities and styles. Added solutions included 10 Spacesaver bi-/tri-file systems, a pair of Spacesaver high-density mobile systems, several corridors’ worth of case-style shelving, 10 rooms of Hamilton Casework Solutions handiwork, other miscellaneous shelving, along with several Rousseau workbenches for the firm’s IT department. Mountains of evidence of satisfaction.

“Sometimes you get the impression that vendors want to sell you stuff only because it’s the stuff they sell. But Patterson Pope offered creative solutions and types of products that we really hadn’t considered.”

– Larry Lindberg, Baker Hostetler

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