Like many law enforcement agencies around the country, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office in Conyers, Georgia faced ever increasing amounts of evidence, including drugs, guns and biologicals that required refrigeration. Storage areas were cramped, overcrowded, and inefficient.

In the main evidence room, Patterson Pope used a mix of 4-post shelving with a 42-footlong powered, high-density shelving system. Reinforcements were added for the top to allow for high storage where feasible, along with widespan for larger items. Hamilton Sorter Casework – counter space only – was used behind the evidence lockers as processing space.


The law enforcement professionals at the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office now know that evidence entrusted to their care is secure and accounted for at all times, from the point of collection through the completed trial. The work done by Patterson Pope gave them capacity for 432 hand gun boxes, 148 long gun boxes, and 48 standard boxes in the D&G room.
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The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office is happy to use its renovated evidence storage area to better serve and protect the citizens who call the area home.

“We more than doubled their storage capacity,” said Goldsmith. “Now, they have a max capacity of more than 2,100 boxes.”

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