Evidence room space is always at a premium. In most instances, creating more space is done by either constructing a new area specifically for that purpose, or by an “up-fit,” where walls are moved or torn down to accommodate expansion.

There are situations, of course, where neither of those options is available. With an evidence room that measured just 371 square feet, the Whitehall Division of Police in Whitehall, Ohio faced just such a dilemma.After some consultation and planning, a new design took form. Patterson Pope took over an adjoining storage room, creating an evidence processing room in its place.


For the evidence room itself, four standard bin storage sizes were identified, allowing for accommodation of a variety of different items. Spacesaver Wheelhouse Mobile Shelving Systems were installed as well, which maximized floor space and improved the visual esthetic of the room.
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Given the nature of police work, it seems as though there’s never enough room. In this case, Patterson Pope helped the Whitehall Division of Police maximize the benefit of their established footprint. The difference can be seen not only in the physical transformation of the space, but also in its workability and the satisfaction of those who use it every day.

“We were able to not only maximize the space, but improve the team’s productivity,” added Eric Martin, the Patterson Pope account rep on the project. “In the end, our solutions are only effective if they achieve the client’s goals. Here, we definitely did that.”

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