The Baltimore Orioles and The Pittsburgh Pirates met in the 1979 World Series. These days, they are regular rivals only during Spring Training in March.

The Orioles train in Sarasota and the Pirates in Bradenton. Both clubs recently expressed interest in renovating their equipment areas – the O’s as part of an overall facility renovation and the Pirates in a focused attempt to modernize their uniform and equipment storage only. Both were unique opportunities to show our support for America’s National Pastime.


“We ended up going with a Spacesaver ActivRAC Industrial High-Density Mobile Storage System. It was a larger size than what they had, and provided exceptional storage and flexibility,” said Kelly. “We also re-used their existing rack for a lot of the system. Additionally, we put in some Spacesaver shelving with Rollok doors so that they could securely store shoes. It really turned out nicely.”
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Spacesaver ActivRAC Industrial High-Density Mobile Storage System

As a result of both installations, uniforms, bats, helmets and various other items are now stored neatly in their own cubbies. The high-density mobiles and Rollok doors have not only increased storage space and improved the appearance of the equipment rooms, but made a difference in how the players and staffs feel when they’re in the area.

“Having an organized space just changes the way you operate.”

– Pirates Equipment Manager Pat Hagerty

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