The Owensboro Healthcare System, in Kentucky, was designing and constructing a new hospital to replace an older facility.

The Sterile Processing Department (SPD) and surrounding areas in the old space were cramped – in terms of shelving, overflowing products and supplies, and staff accommodation. Team members found it difficult to navigate the area, often spending a long time searching for the instruments necessary for the 50-60 daily surgical cases.


Equipment used in the new space included: Spacesaver MA/CF carriages; case-style shelving; Eagle waterfall shelves; frame WRX/HD; Hupfer baskets; and stainless pegboard.
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Owensboro Healthcare System

Building a solution from the ground up – and with the approval of the storage team, the architects and the SPD team – was remarkably rewarding for all involved. “The expandability of the shelving systems in all these areas has been phenomenal,” said Chris Edwards, the SPD director.

“We so appreciate the fact that it’s not a cookie-cutter solution. It’s personalized for our needs. As an example – each of our services’ instruments are now color-coded, so the specialty nurses can more easily find what they’re looking for.”

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