The NCH Healthcare Northeast Emergency Department is one of three operated by the NCH Healthcare System in the fast-growing Naples-Marco-Immokalee Metro Area.

The newly constructed facility had a small back-up supply room that measured just 420 square feet. While no surgeries are performed here, things like gloves, syringes, IV solutions, pharmacy backup, hoses and bandages are always a necessity. While the original plan was to use high-density shelving in the room, the space’s dimensions called for alternative thinking.


Although the back-up supply room measured just 21’3-1⁄8” x 20’4-1/8“, it also had ceilings that measured 13’8”. This height made it the ideal venue for the Rotomat, which uses a vertical “carousel” system to deliver stored goods to the user instead of the other way around.
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vertical “carousel” system

The Rotomats allow the staff to easily access any item they need. The units’ ample capacity allows for a good deal of storage of items that might otherwise be kept in boxes on pallets.

“The breadth and depth of supplies that they have to have on hand is pretty astronomical.”

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