AnMed Health, based in Anderson, SouthCarolina, is the state’s largest independent, not-for-profit health system.

Its 461-bed acute care hospital, its Northern campus and its distribution center all shared the same storage challenge. All three facilities had extra beds and not enough room to store them. The Medical Center was keeping beds in the patient hallways, the Northern campus had them in a crowded out-of-the-way space, and the distribution center kept 20 beds on a manual racking system where a forklift was needed to load and unload them.


The Vidir Bedlift allows beds to be stored vertically, as many as five high depending on client needs and height tolerances. Units measure 4’6” wide and 10’ deep. Depending on room orientation and need, there are both frontand side-load models available.
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“Getting away from the forklift was a huge advantage for us. For our staff, the system is really a back saver,” added Little. “It’s just a lot more efficient and a lot easier to use. They can stand at the equipment, push a button, and it comes down, they pull the bed out, and then go on to the next one. You’re not having to get on and off a forklift. You’re not having to manually shift beds off of a forklift. The ease of use is huge for our guys.”

“Patterson Pope not only showed us what would work, they explained why and how – and then they made the installation easy. More storage in the same square footage! It’s been a great transition and we’re exceedingly thankful.”

– Brian Little, Environmental Services Project Manager, AnMed Health

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