While the old law library on the campus of Georgia State University in Atlanta may have had the reference materials students, faculty, and community members needed, it wasn’t an inviting place.

The ground floor space spanned two buildings. Earlier renovations/additions had added an outdoor plaza on top of part of the library and a newer loading dock area was partially underground. The library’s few windows let in very little light. Though it was large overall, the library’s aisles were long, dark and narrow. Separate groupings of shelves were interspersed every so many feet by tables and carrels. The library was a destination of necessity, not of choice.


The new area was opened in fall 2015. Lighter, brighter and more conducive to student engagement, the space is a draw for students, faculty, and community members. It’s not only made access to research materials easier, but transformed the way people engage with the space.
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The Georgia State Law Library is an essential part of the campus and of the Atlanta community, at large. By lessening the library’s storage footprint with high-density shelving, Patterson Pope was able to deliver a solution that revitalized the area. The result was increased space, student engagement and excitement.

“We now have these amazing views. What’s more, the high-density shelving allowed us to preserve the outer areas, near the windows, for study and collaborative space. The light and openness of the area create a much more inviting space,” said Kristina Niedringhaus

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