The Atlanta History Center (AHC) consists of a number of attractions spread across 33 acres on land north of Atlanta in historic Buckhead.

On the grounds is the Atlanta History Museum, which boasts numerous exhibits/galleries celebrating Georgia’s past and its native sons and daughters. Prior to a recent $14 million renovation, the entrances to these spaces were covered, after hours, by non-descript garage-type rolling metal doors. While offering security for treasured items, they also hid them. This created a dark, uninviting space. In addition, the front reception area was in need of a little rejuvenation. While still a popular destination, the AHC was beginning to show its age.


The Lightline’s clean, sleek look bathes the space in light. The installation even inspired AHC Executive Vice President Michael Rose to design etched glass pieces boasting the names of the various exhibit halls that echo the feel of the glass front.
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Realizing what a boon it might be to showcase those treasures – even during times when the museum was open only to host private groups whose attendees might wander the halls – Patterson Pope sales representative Gene Reilley recommended KI Lightline. The “glass wall” featured a door and was expanded to 30 feet wide to cover the entire front of the various galleries. As a result, curators were allowed to create window displays that drew curious visitors by showcasing what was inside.

“The Lightline product fits a niche. Patterson Pope worked around cases with museum objects in them and around visitors. Their patience and their professionalism paid off,” said Jackson McQuigg, the AHC’s vice president of properties.”

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