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Student online shopping is on the rise, which means more packages for campus mailrooms while still having to meet other campus needs. It can mean a lot of work for university mail centers. That’s why many colleges are installing smart package delivery lockers to simplify the exchange of all that unwieldy mail.

Mailroom Locker Advantages

The days of stowing student mail and deliveries in a tiny cubby are gone. Instead, you need to streamline the campus mail experience.

Benefits of mailroom smart lockers for students, staff, faculty, and the employees in your mail center serving them include:

  • 24/7 availability - give your people the opportunity to collect their packages and items when it suits them
  • Cut the need for face-to-face contact with automated notification, reporting, and self-service retrieval
  • Offer a frictionless experience, alerting package recipients once their delivery is in and allowing them to use their device or campus ID to collect their order
  • Save time and significantly reduce administrative work for mailroom employees, improving employee productivity, agility, and well-being
  • Prevent theft and loss with a digital record of the complete chain of custody
  • Free up mailroom real estate with streamlined smart lockers instead of unwieldy package piles

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Campus Mailroom Lockers

Mailroom Locker Features

  • Easily adapt locker system configurations as your needs change and grow
  • Send automatic notifications to students informing them of mail ready for pickup
  • Ensure a reliable chain of custody with digital records of each transaction
  • Stop the spread of pathogens with UV sanitation and antimicrobial materials
Customize locker management to suit different areas with the easy-to-use Vecos smart locker system software.


Set up a mix of both fixed and flexible-use lockers. Then, take a test-and-learn approach and use the data insights to optimize your allocations and make the most of your space.
Optimize operations and further enhance user experience with live data and analytics

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