Parcel Lockers : More than "just a locker"

Parcel delivery lockers are an economical, secure method for managing and distributing packages to those who live, work, and learn in buildings and offices.

They’re also a way to earn and maintain the trust of your employees and residents. To support productivity and efficiency. To utilize space. To act as a perk for the people who live and work in your space.

Turns out, parcel lockers are a lot more than just storage.

Parcel lockers allow you to:

Make better use of your space

If you’ve got a limited footprint, what’s better — the square footage required to have a mailroom or storage closet, or a few banks of smart package lockers? Utilize a small space for package storage, and have more square footage for rooms and areas that serve current and future business goals.


Learn how Delivery Parcel Lockers can benefit:

The Workplace Parcel Lockers

Enhance Your Employee Experience

As the line between professional and personal blends, being able to take advantage of simple amenities — something as straightforward as being able to ship packages to a work address because it’s more secure and convenient — can go a long way in making sure you retain the employees you’ve worked so hard to attract.

Minimize Disruptions and Wasted Time

Open and activity-based options are here to stay, and with it, something else: non-stop interruptions. Parcel lockers — because employees can retrieve things when it’s convenient for them — can reduce wasted time and decrease the context-switching that happens when your employees are trying to focus (and are unable to) on a mile-long to-do list of countless tasks and conversations.


Create a Culture of Well-Being and Safety

Parcel lockers can’t be connected to culture and belonging? Hear us out. It’s creating inclusive, ADA-compliant spaces for people to pick up their packages. It’s people not being worried, because they know the things they ordered are safe until they have the time to retrieve them. These are the seemingly small things that make a big difference when it comes to supporting the people under your roof and creating an employee experience.

Integrate With Other Areas of Your Business

Parcel lockers don’t need to be just parcel lockers. You can use the same solution to tackle other challenges in your building — IT check-in/check-out, dry cleaning or food delivery, safekeeping for valet services like car keys, and more. Create symmetry by using your parcel lockers as a springboard for a tech-focused storage platform.

Create personal experiences with food-delivery and dry-cleaning perks in your workplace.

Download this information sheet to learn more about how you can hyper-personalize experiences for your employees using your smart package locker system for food-delivery or dry-cleaning services.

Smart parcel lockers can reduce wasted time when delivering to desks currently by:

Companies want to free up employee time so they can work more. It’s less about the solution and more about the perk or benefit to the employee. Let us help you build a business case for your organization that shows the ROI on such an investment.
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The University Parcel Lockers

Enhance the Student Experience

You’ve worked hard to bring great students to your campus. Let them know they’ve made the right decision by giving them the simple services that make things easier and help manage their day-to-day — services like self-serve parcel lockers.

Minimize Disruptions and Wasted Time

College students have a lot on their plates, and there’s no such thing as a typical schedule. At the same time, students order a ton of things online — school supplies, clothing, sports equipment, and electronics. Having parcel lockers means a student can pick up their packages when it’s convenient for them — without having to make a special trip to a mailroom only to find its closed.

Create a Culture of Well-Being and Safety

When students order things to be shipped to their dorms — or when parents send a care package — they expect them to be kept safe until they’re able to pick them up, and they expect that picking them up should be an effortless experience. Creating a space for easy parcel pick-up ensures packages don’t get lost or stolen — and shows you care about your students and their items.

Integrate With Other Areas of the University

Parcel lockers don’t need to be just parcel lockers. You can use the same solution to tackle other challenges in your other campus buildings — safekeeping for art projects and musical instruments, storage for band instruments and sports equipment, check-out for lab equipment or computers. Create symmetry by using your parcel lockers as a springboard for a tech-focused storage platform.

Reduce the initial delivery to pick-up time of each package from 3.2 minutes of staff time to 13 seconds per package

Create an exceptional experience for your students and staff. We'd be happy to help you develop a solution for your specific needs and business case to justify a smart package locker system.

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How it works

How easy is it to use package lockers in your office, organization, or building?
So simple that it can be summed up in a few short steps:


When a parcel is delivered, a courier approaches the parcel locker space and enters the access code, which they’ve been given by the facilities manager. They select a recipient, and place the parcel inside a locker.


Once a package is safely in a locker, the software notifies the recipient via text, email, or through an app notification. The notification includes the passcode and other details needed to access the locker.


Depending on the level of technology, the recipient will either click a button in the app or key in a unique code to get access to the locker’s contents.


The recipient takes their packages and closes the door.

Easy, right?

These steps might change slightly based on your technology package, but the ease of use — for you and the person receiving the packages — remains.

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