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Outfitted for success from its inception, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel has experienced tremendous advancements – in offerings and space. Since first opening with 200,000 square feet, it has already grown by more than 50 percent since its 2012 grand opening. Along with that rapid maturity came a few growing pains. Among them was determining how best to utilize a storage area that was growing from having supported five operating rooms to nine.


When one of Florida’s newest and most well-regarded hospital systems decided to grow its Tampa footprint, every inch of its Wesley Chapel building got a second look. Along with two entirely new wings came the need to re-examine how existing storage spaces were used. Among them was a growing OR core. The ready solution was a combination of high-density compact storage, and a trio of Rotomats from Hänel.
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With its somewhat unconventional dogleg layout, Wesley Chapel’s OR core storage design required a bit of ingenuity. Deciding on a system that would not only work in the room but capitalize on its assets was an exciting challenge. The solution turned out to be, in part, three carousel-style Rotomat vertical storage systems, from Hänel. By capitalizing on the system’s design flexibility and height advantage, it was the perfect tool for the job.

“Keeping wrapped instruments in the Rotomat has helped us maintain environmental parameters that are required by OSHA, AAMI and other similar organizations.”

- Christian Rodgers, Director of Surgical Services, Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel

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