ActivRAC installation proves that sometimes the simple things can make a big difference.

Successful business trends can move a company forward. They can also lead to unexpected challenges. When this Florida manufacturer decided it was time to address their strained storage capacity when moving into a new space, it was an opportunity to respond to rapid growth. Standard static shelving, which had been the go-to solution for years, was proving to be inadequate for the task at hand; namely, accommodating the increased production of fabric for automotive headrests. A new environment was the impetus for a new way of thinking about storage.


High-density mobile shelving allowed VoxxHirshmann’s headrest storage area to be reduced by 23 percent while at the same time increasing the unit’s capacity. With the need for the company’s products always increasing, the more ergonomic design affords additional flexibility for both current storage and future accommodation. Here, reimagining the functionality of a new warehouse area was a driving force for a fresh perspective.

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Patterson Pope partnered with Spacesaver to arrive at a solution that maximized available space and made it easier for staff to work with the unit. By taking five full feet off of the previous installation, the ActivRAC system – and 4-postshelving – could more adequately serve the department’s need for easier access while still delivering increased capacity. A simple, effective and efficient solution helped the new warehouse achieve its own personality.

“I really like the ease of operation,” he said. “It’s fairly simple, but sometimes that’s what you want. Our people really enjoy the new setup, and it makes their day that much easier.”

— Director of Manufacturing Engineering/Facilities Ernie Wiggins, VoxxHirshmann

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