Prior to moving into the brand new Rick Rhyne Public Safety Center, the Moore County (NC) Sheriff’s Office stored all its evidence in an extremely tight room that measured just 12 feet by 12 feet. Standard shelving – along with some homemade additions – was forced to accommodate evidence of all types. It was all stored together in the one small space.

Moving to the newly constructed evidence area in the Rhyne Center increased storage space from 144 square feet to approximately 1000, creating a larger workable canvas. Central to devising, planning and installing the right solution was continuous and open communication.


The new installation not only allows for more material storage but facilitates better organization and therefore tracking, as well. The installation has helped evidence custodians have more control over developing their own storage system.
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Those discussions proved fruitful. To make the most efficient use of the new space, planners utilized a mixture of products – including shelving, drawers and lockers – to better accommodate the different evidence types. There’s even a special section where inmates’ personal items are safely stored during their incarceration.

“We met with individuals from various departments as we went through the entire process,” said Patterson Pope Sales Representative Les Galloway. “We wanted to make sure they got exactly what they needed, and Sheriff Godfrey gave us the time we needed.”

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